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11 cute wolf pups to brighten up your day

Posted by Rocky Mountain Wolf Project | January 15, 2019 at 12:05 PM

1. OMG

Wolf Puppies One



Wolf Puppies Two


3. Chewing a log has never been so cute. 

Wolf Puppies Three



Wolf Pup Replacement


5. We don't know what's happening here but it's adorable!

Wolf Puppies Six


6. Looks like these two have been best friends for a while!

Wolf Puppies Sevenb


7. Cute as they may be, gray wolf puppies are fiercely protected by their entire pack.



8. A little solo adventure!

Wolf Puppies Eight


9. This wolf pup is getting ready for transport. 

Wolf Puppies Nine


10. This new mom is looking a litttttle overwhelmed. We get it. 

Wolf Puppies Ten


11. You might assume this is the pups mom or dad, but the truth is pups bond with their entire pack. For all we know, this is a distant uncle. 

Wolf Puppies Eleven-1


We hope you enjoyed this month's blog. We love gray wolf pups and are in awe of the work and dedication every pack takes to teach and protect each new member.


Want to learn more about gray wolf reintroduction? Watch the video by clicking below!

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