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The Alpha Female

Posted by Rocky Mountain Wolf Project | March 23, 2018 at 2:56 PM

Each year during the month of March, we celebrate Women's History Month. We come together to tell the stories of women throughout history--both the familiar and the untold. To honor this tradition, we want to tell the story of the alpha female and their struggle to keep their family together.

The term "alpha" as used to described members of a wolf pack is synonymous with the top ranking male and female, who typically are the parents of most members of the pack. The title of alpha is coveted because it typically foreshadows parenthood and the chance to leave your impression of future generations.


The Alpha's Importance

In a wolf pack, typically only one couple breeds — the alpha male and the alpha female. Once the gray wolf is of age, the journey to the top begins. It is a difficult one and many things must come together for success -- determination and good fortune both play a role. The alpha male and female often make many of the pack's decisions and typically have social standing over all other members of the group. This works well as a pack is best described as an extended family group.

The Honor of the Alpha Female

The alpha female, or mother wolf, is very important to the pack overall and typically honored for her power, strategic assertiveness, and wisdom. 

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