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The Gray Wolf Belongs In Colorado’s Wild

Colorado’s natural balance—and how wolves fit in. Our project, launched nearly six months ago, rests on one primary objective: bringing the gray wolf back to Colorado. Before we explain how we want to reintroduce the gray wolf to Colorado, let’s explore the why. Wolves have been missing from Colorado’s landscape for over half a century, since humans forced them out in the 1940s. Colorado was their historic home but after decades of human activities, like hunting and trapping, they have essentially disappeared from the wild. For years, they roamed the Rockies and kept our balance in check and now... they're missing.
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Why conservationists want to bring wolves back to Colorado.

Originally written and published in partnership with the team at UpWorthy.
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Returning Wolf Howls to Colorado

Originally written and published on The Huffington Post. 
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Colorado’s Call of the Wild

Originally written and published on Medium by the Natural Resources Defense Council.      
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When wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone, some unexpected species benefitted.

on April 6, 2017 at 3:57 PM By | Rocky Mountain Wolf Project | 4 Comments | Wolves Yellowstone Elk Ecosystem Deer
By SIMONE SCULLY, originally published on Upworthy.com On a quiet hike in Yellowstone National Park, some lucky visitors might get to hear an amazing sound: the howl of a gray wolf.
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